About Us

Kunstel & Kikel Ltd. or K&K in abbreviation is an exclusive provider of architectural design and project management services for the residential market and one of the youngest respected consultancies to its collaborative partners, private clients or institutional investors on field of property developments and customised design support at all types of residential, from private villas and apartments to all kind of apartment-style rooms such are hotel serviced apartments, retirement homes and other multi-residence housing facilities.

Our Team

Our team has been always dedicated to provide responsible, result oriented planning services to assist our appreciated clients. Our experience and knowledge from the past has helped us to reach project goals, while staying committed to the highest standards of customer service provision and support that our clients have been accustomed to.

Recognizing the growing demands for clients who want to invest in the highly potential areas, we establish different approach to better serve the new clients, offering a comprehensive and coordinated platform of real estate opportunities.

We offer several advantages to our clients in today’s highly competitive real estate market; on local market related issues, keeping clients up-to-date on the changes affecting the real estate market, tight connections with local partnership base and selection of the best projects that will prove a success.

Our Expertise

We are an international trustworthy supportive force helping business growth - focused companies; collaborative partners, fit-out companies, real estate agencies, local municipalities, institutional investors or private clients in the field of property development support.

We have our own project team that is developing something completely new and from scratch that require complete or partly service, which includes:

  • Developing a new architectural project indicating cost effective planning; and
  • Making an improvement to an existing location (redevelopment) in prime areas, resulting in significant growth of space value and outcome revenues.

Bringing Added Value Solutions to the Market

Our dedicated team is bringing added value solutions to the market with the first-hand understanding of the entire development process through unique functional ideas and cost-effective and time-efficient approach.