Central Real Estate Partnering Agency

Central Real Estate Partnering Agency

Central RE was established in 2015 with the purpose to provide excellence in real estate sales and rental Slovenian market.

It also offer its services to wider Alpine-Adriatic region with offering a tailor-made approach that ranges from brokerage, consultancy to engineering field.


Central RE is now a brand and a real estate brokerage office, located in Lubljana, a capital city of Slovenia, focusing on sales and rental opportunities in the following Central European regions: Northeast Italy, South Austria, West Croatia and Slovenia.

Mission & Vision
We are committed to provide high quality services to our respected clients to assist them in the real estate business in the easiest way possible. Our team consists of highly educated and well trained experts with experiences in the real estate brokerage, investments, consultancy, management and international trade field. We constantly invest in our professional training and information technology in order to achieve afore stated and provide added value to our clients. Our diversity, communication skills and flexibility is what enabling us to understand perfectly our clients' needs and demands. We aim to be the leading entity in the Slovenian and neighbouring real estate markets on long term, achieving it with our service excellence, immediate responding, flexible support and tailor made approach.


  • Real Estate Brokerage
  • Real Estate Consultancy
  • Legal Consultancy
  • Energy Performance Certificate

Facts about Slovenia
Slovenia is situated at the crossroads of greatest European cultures - Slavic, German and Roman. It is one of the greenest countries in the Europe due to its forests that cover nearly 50% of the Slovenia's land surface. Country is well known for an amazing countryside comprising of the naturally beautiful Alpine vallies, picturesque Adriatic seaside, luxury thermal resorts and a breathtaking historical heritage with medieval castles and cottage mansions. Due to many reasons, Slovenia is recognised as being one of the safest and peaceful places in the world.