How We Approach to the Project

How We Approach to the Project

Phase I - Briefing & Planning
The interior design process begins with a black-and-white business analysis: a comprehensive study and survey of the property's target market (if commercial project), competitive set, and the owner's real estate and financial goals.  Our designs are then driven by aesthetic value, durability, functionality, budget, and schedule.  We become your brand, and work closely with you to formulate your design strategy; whether it is to develop a new interior, increase market share of a project or improve your or customer retention.

We work closely with the client to addresses their objectives, scope, guidelines, and priorities for the project and we carefully listen them in order to create custom and site-specific solutions. We are passionate about the evolution of design and, as a global brand; we are intimately connected to the local cultures in which we operate.

Phase II - Concept & Detailed Design Development
We can provide the client with a completely integrated interior design. We translate the needs and goals of the project into graphic forms. Schematic floor plans are drawn to establish the spatial elements of the program. Conceptual design for color and furnishings is presented through color boards, illustrations, and sample finishes. With these elements we can provide a preliminary budget for client approval.

The approved design concepts are documented to fix and describe the size and character of each space and the furnishings and finishes that are included. A final line item budget is prepared and presented which reflects any additions or changes in this phase. Our creative teams develop beautiful visual stories that align with your strategy.

The use of computer technology from the schematic design phase continues into the detailed development. Finally, our procurement knowledge ensures comprehensive specifications for the project's documentation, purchasing, and installation. The entire process results in interior design solutions that are marketable and financially sound for our clients.

Phase III - Fit-Out Construction Supervision
During that phase we act as the owner's representative during the performance of the work until the finalization is completed. We advise and consult with the owner as needed and we assist the owner in coordinating the schedules for delivery. Our cooperants' procurement teams ensures our sources meet the very highest standards of efficiency, cost control, customer service and quality. We collaborate with the owner in coordinating the progress schedule. This enable us to determine mutually acceptable dates and times for delivery, installation, and inspection of the work.

We can supervise and direct the work, using our best skill and attention. We can be solely responsible for all shipments, deliveries, and installations as the owner requires. In addition, we can supervise all means, methods, techniques, sequences, and procedures.

On the basis of such observations, we keep the owner informed of the progress and quality of the work. Our duties may extend to the receipt, inspection, and acceptance, on the owner's behalf, of equipment at the time of their delivery to the project premises. We review the final placement of all items and inspect for damage, quality, assembly, and function. This determine, in general, if the work is proceeding on schedule.

Phase IV - Promotion & Selling Support
Satisfied clients, property owners, and property developers has become steadily more complex. So too has selling and delivering services. 3D technology is a fruitful experience, providing a complete solution for creating, visualizing, and experiencing the project before construction begins - a virtual model of what the space will look like upon completion. We are working on the enhancement of advanced 3D technology, which transforms merely any interior project to make better marketing design, effective selling concept, and communicating the ideas.

Our in house Computer Aided Design (CAD) drafting, blueprinting and 3D technology capabilities implemented by our interior design staff, makes it easy for us to coordinate our design with the client. Our experience with all standards allows us to create specifications that ensure the owner a quick approval of design plans. It enables a greater understanding of interior developments and therefore to ensure ongoing projects are able to meet the needs of clients.

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