Introducing the Team

Introducing the Team

We are delighted to introduce you to our company of highly skilled professionals, that gained experience for multiple fields and have joined together to a new story which meets the highest standards of living, multidisciplinary approached and tuned for a client’s needs.

Quality of services are integral to Kunstel & Kikel company, with a team dedicated to meet day-today needs. This refined and comprehensive approach that meets the requirements for today’s dynamic lifestyle. We combined experience, and the team is perfectly positioned to help you with the property requirements. Our in-depth knowledge of a certain market, combined with an extensive knowledge means we are able to match property to the best possible buyer. Our commitment is to improve the local realm and to ensure that development remains very much a place for people. 

Our expertise has grown by leaps and bounds through referrals and extensive experience of the target market by our own expertising or cooperating with various Architectural /Interior design offices by delivering and managing tailor-made interiors and construction schemes.

We love to design a space and felt it was going to be something special. Member of our team have transformed a variety of spaces from magnificent building refurbishment and tranquil homes to bespoke interiors.  We have specialized and being qualified to undertake all kinds of projects in interior design and fitting out projects that range from residential and retail to commercial spaces. Whether it’s expanding into a larger space, consolidating into a tailored environment with specific features, or remodelling to facilitate a new way of living, we are capable of supporting our partners in creating the space they need – from conception to completion. Our diverse experience and dynamic management skills allow us to deliver cost-efficient service packages, tailor-made for each of our partners. Whether we are providing design solutions from workplace appraisal, or simply championing a furnished and fully equipped interior, we work collaboratively to develop effective solutions.

As well as a full range of design services, we aimed to offer conceptual plans, project visuals, computer aided designs and specifications. We have been always working in close partnership with our or partner’s’ own advisors, including project managers, architects, quantity surveyors, engineers and property surveyors. In this way, each project can be assured of the correct approach, design development, communication, procurement and logistics plan. Our versatile approach means that we can tailor our service to meet partners’ needs, styles and preferences by following stages Definition – Design – Delivery.

We believe that design is at the heart of every project. Whether it’s a house or hotel, room or an office, our design team is capable of successfully delivering complex projects for are constantly innovating to stay at the forefront of the built environment. We are able to ensure every project artfully mixes the combination of our extensive design knowledge and maintains a consistent level of quality. Ensuring all commitments and deadlines that are met throughout the design and execution of projects by developing a relationship with every client makes the whole process both, pleasant and effective.

We will continue to create strong business focus to bring quality of living back to the lifestyle again. From artistic flair, innovative design consultancy, creativity and fantastic ability to interpret a client’s dream to huge range of skills in client service, project management and operations can makes partnerships a perfect match.

We are always interested in making new fruitful acquaintances, so feel free to contact us anytime. We will be happy to discuss new exciting projects anytime available.

Photo: Ana Kunstelj, Managing Director of a Company Kunstel & Kikel