The Importance of 3D Technology

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The Importance of 3D Technology

In general, it refers to any computer simulated environment in which we can interact with the surrounding like how we would see it in a reality. With every business trying to get their product to stand out from the competitors 3D technology used for advertising and promotion it is fast becoming an eye catching success.

Due to the latest and rapidly growing technology, 3D environment has transformed itself from its basic Victorian origins into a futuristic audio visual display. It is easy to manipulate with different types of shapes in real-time, and most of the steps are done by the computers and a lot of work is saved by the client. As a result, the technology functions by enhancing one's current perception of reality. In some senses, it is allowing companies to fully realize its tagline: "anything you can imagine".

3d technology enabling us to create 3D simulations of various scenarios, but what is in behind this the very latest and indispensable eye catching technology?

The Importance of 3D Techniques in Nowadays Presentations
At the present time 3D visualization technology has entirely advanced to the point where designers, engineers, contractors, and building owners can become so immersed in the virtual building model that they feel as if they’re actually there. It now deals with real estate, architectural planning, product simulation modeling, virtual campuses, automotive manufacture and urban planning.

A growing number of developers now offer platforms that enable ‘walking tours’ of a virtual building, from early design through to construction; virtual furniture may be overlaid in real time to check its size and appearance in a room; and to visualize what is not yet built (the future). Projects can be presented in its actual environment as if it was already built, allowing client to explore the project from all angles, assess its integration in its natural landscape, create drop shadows, view the landscaping and show how it can evolve. It can overlay a real site with a virtual design at full-scale.

Such platform currently also allows business owners to simulate different building or product forms and visualize their impact to the surrounding environment. For instance, planners can conduct shadow studies on proposed developments to determine how public spaces can be shaded for better comfort. You can almost conceptually imagine a time when the property is literally perfect, crystallized around exactly the way we're going to use the building.

3D latest technology really puts anyone light years ahead of the competition not only selling concepts but highlighting potential problems before they occur saving time and money. With almost limitless possibilities, from life like humans to blockbuster style special effects, as well as the continual advances in technology, 3D technology has a bright future ahead and it is a great computer-assisted design and communication tool.

3D Technology in Practice & Within the Company
In our company we are constantly working on the enhancement of advanced 3D tools, which transforms merely any 2D data into interactive 3D models. We are constantly seeking new ideas, innovative technologies and smart solutions to make better planning decisions and overcome challenges.

Our approach to using 3D technology is incredibly progressive, and serves as a benchmark and inspiration for our potential clients. The fact we are invited to deliver a presentation to some of the leading development professionals is testament to the outstanding and industry-leading work we are achieving in this field. 

Our clients claim it is a fruitful experience and it brings on board our expertise in advanced 3D technology, enabling us to create 3D simulations of various future planning scenarios to better plan for a more livable and inclusive environment. It enables a greater understanding of future developments and as we are being one of the new growing companies, it is important that our company leverages smart technologies to ensure ongoing developments are able to meet the needs of clients nowadays and in the future.

Our team of experts will continue to develop projects to build up the 3D models, and over time, we will create a rich 3D database that could be useful for multiple purposes beyond classic tools of planning for our valued clients. If you want to know how we can help carry out your drawings and design of your projects with using smart 3D tools, simply contact us and we would be delighted to help.

You are kindly invited to communicate and collaborate with us on projects more effectively by using 3D design solutions. We will be delightful to provide you a prompt advice or professional support upon your individual request.

We are going to talk more about 3D technology services in our following posts, in particular about 3D modeling and rendering, 3D animation, Augmented reality (AR), Virtual reality (VR), Holographic projection and Projection mapping separately.