Expanding our Business - Branch Office in Ljubljana

Expanding our Business - Branch Office in Ljubljana

Kunstel & Kikel Ltd. launched its first branch office Kunstel & Kikel s.p. in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Slovenia office point will focus on the residential property market by offering design services to actively support clients in the building and furnishing process of their homes with the goal of enhancing living spaces.

With many years of experience in the interior design & architectural segment, the company is well placed in a strong growth segment for its customers.

"And are not constrained by national borders, because our services and customers are not limited to any borders, said Ana Kunstelj, "from our base in Ljubljana we will be leveraging both the Slovenia and other regional markets if there will be a need".

K&K is positioning itself as a design partner mostly for small and medium-sized contractors and other businessess who wish to partnering with us. With our expertise and services we will be showing the way into a creative and a modern urban living environment for everyone. 

For further information please visit http://kunstelkikel.si