Our Services

K&K is an architectural design and consultancy service company that supports clientele at property development challenges and location obstacles with its customized planning approach and multiple experiences in delivering tailored solutions to address client’s demands – creating sophisticatedly designed interiors, architecture or public space, extensively restored for today’s discerning market.

A company was formed as a result of real market demand to meet the new needs of the fast-growing development areas, marked as highly attractive to the private capital.


We can help you to develop your project and make it successful. We take responsibility of all project phases, from concept, design development to project execution management. Each concept is hand-picked and services are tailored to meet client's specific requirements, helping them to maximize aesthetic and economic potential of the project.

You are welcome to contact us if you want to do one or more of the following:

  • Carry out a concept design and develop a solution to test your idea and make sure it will work on specific location;
  • Create a new idea or improve an existing one, through architectural planning support and project coordination;
  • Work with our business and our planning team on collaborative projects, especially on field of an advanced computer technology to support your projects;
  • Help you to buy/sell real estate listings within our network.

Our Speciality

We have unique practice and entrepreneurial approach to meet the highest professional standards for businesses and industry leaders, ensuring them the best results under the time constraints, while keeping with the customer's expectations of architectural quality and remaining within the project's budget.

Responding quickly to new prospects with cost-effective and time-efficient approach

We are responding quickly to new prospects at real estate’s changing conditions as most essential priority and only true competitive advantage allowing to put our client’s place above the others.

International Practice

With over 10 years of work experience joined together from different fields, we are a forward-thinking and energetic group of professionals, supporting economic diversification and sourcing international expertise by sharing the architectural knowledge, specifically:

  • International practice, following cultural context of the project’s region and adopting local standards;
  • Benchmarking practice quality and sharing design expertise globally;
  • Providing international sources of inspiration and exchanging new ideas through partnerships;
  • Planning process in an integrated way, ensuring a reduction of costs of build projects;
  • Increasing competitive advantage through acceleration of the multidisciplinary approach of development process.