Ana Ferjanic

Managing Director

Ana is a tech-savvy Managing Director and founder of a company. She is passionate about her work and highly dedicated to her clients. She is a very good listener and observer; she manages to translate ideas into reality while following regular process of managing the company. Her rich career leads her from being an architect to getting into the shoes of a director, working for some of the most prominent clientele worldwide. She has a strong vision and possesses many competences such as diplomatic skills, striving to achieve win-win situations. With her in-depth approach she takes care of strategic management, general operations, business negotiations and corporate communications, while staying the first and the last at every decision made.

Luka Potokar

Project Head

Luka is a well-skilled architect with a strong technical background along with its practical approach. He gained many experiences by collaborating with Austrian & Swiss architectural offices renowned for the quality. Besides being in role of project leader, he has always been eager to learn from the best, which took him all the way to assisting at the faculty of architecture. He lectures architectural students by assisting at the Bulding technology & Materials in architecture course. At the company he is in responsible for the architectural & interior projects by being in role of a lead architect, directly in charge to the subcontractors at all kind of fit-out, renovation and adaption projects.

Marko Usaj

Senior Architect

Marko is a highly committed architect with a solid background in the planning industry; he is in the practice for nearly 40 years. His rich career began with strong construction companies, where he gained multiple experiences and adopted his excellent methodical approach. He takes each project with a care to comply with all the regulations and each of his projects meet a final result due to his persistence and eagerness to taking into consideration even small detail in the planning phase yet important when it comes to the construction. At the company he is responsible for architectural & building projects along with the project documentation and directly supervise the team of coperants.

Rok Vrenko


Rok is a master of multimedia in a computer design and 3D technology field. He perfectly combines design knowledge with the computer advanced tools as he generates new virtual environments and 3D simulations for the planning scenarios. Due to his diverse career in the past and starting as an architect, he became a head of multimedia as there he finds most challenges. He possess perfect sense to convert any project into whatever you can imagine and desire. At the company he is focusing on new technologies by implementing new 3D features into the projects while successfully dealing with all constraints that come along with the computer design process.