Exclusive Aviation Furniture

Exclusive Aviation Furniture

Partnering with the aircraft industry, K&K presents innovatively aesthetical furniture with a strong historical background that will seduce fans of aviation.

It will also attract fans of industrial furnishings and retro style interiors. K&K believes that these uniquely designed aircraft pieces will soon be a must in every designer collection.

3R Furniture Concept (Recycle-Reuse-Reduce)
Creating a furniture line made out of unique and limited original parts of out of use aircrafts is the main idea behind Meuvion. The idea is following the concept of recycle, reuse and reduce (3R), applied by reinventing items after and therefore adding the value to the aeronautical pieces. 3R is a concept that people all over the world are starting to understand as a way of living and is known as the environmentally conscious streamline. The concept of reuse saves resources for the production and recycles materials into the new products.

Furniture Using Airplane Pieces with Traceable History in the Aircraft Industry.

Furniture Background
Items will be made entirely from parts taken from civil aircrafts at the end of their life span. Each of recycled aircraft has its own traceable history; therefore new furniture lines will be named after the aircraft model /type and labeled with a year of model /type production, mainly from early 60’s to late 80’s. Aircrafts that are to be recycled were considered as a benchmark in the aviation history such as B 747, B 737, Caravelle, etc. 

Furniture Lines
Buyers will choose from limited pieces of furniture entirely made out from one model /type of aircraft and buying it as an exclusive and unique furniture piece. Each piece will be cut out, assembled and polished by hand. Furniture will be mainly designed to enrich high-end hospitality, commercial and office facilities, including lounges, reception areas, executive offices, higher management facilities as to offer a special charm to private luxurious spaces such as villas and apartments. 

Turning Aviation Parts into Functional Pieces of Modern Furniture.

Per client demand, the other option will allow designing and producing furniture entirely made upon special client desires and specific space requirements resulting as a custom made furniture; integrating into interior design projects with the aviation theme such as aviation pubs, restaurants and hotels, allowing customers to enjoy in eclectic and stylish environment.

For further information please visit http://meuvion.com