Residential Property Developments

Residential Property Developments

Residential property design is a development of the interior of private residences. As this type design is very specific for individual situations, the needs and wants of the individual are paramount in this area of interior design. Our fit-out services are to bring an architect or interior designer’s concept to life using subcontractor's construction and building expertise.

There are five stages in the design process that every designer or architect follows. Sometimes we cover only services up to second, while others we have our eyer toward the construction finalisation as well.

The first stage is called schematic design. This is when the ideas are laid out and the potential problem that needs to be solved with the design is set forth. An architect will use this stage to get an understanding of the client’s needs and wants and try to really understand what it is they are looking for in their design. It is at this stage that an architect will use such tools as an adjacency matrix and a bubble diagram to help understand the potential design requirements while putting together the criteria that are required.

The second stage is design development. This is when the design is starting to take shape and the spaces are understood and recognised. This is also when an architect will start picking out the materials and the structural system that will be used in the design. The style and direction of the design will start to be developed at this stage.

The third stage is construction documents. This is when the details of how to build the project are put together in a concise and thorough set of plans. A set of construction documents consists of the drawings and a set of specifications such as electrical diagrams. They are kept together so that a contractor has all the information needed to build the project.

The fourth stage is the bidding and negotiations stage. This is when the construction documents have been approved and an owner gets estimates, or bids, from potential contractors.

The last and final stage is construction administration. This is when the project is being built and the architect is in charge of interpreting and clarifying the drawings for the contractor. Many times this is the most time-consuming aspect of the process, because many different variables come into play when we put a project together.

Reference Project by K&K: London Penthouse Apartment, London

This cleverly designed apartment as a penthouse typically differentiates from other apartments by luxury features.It immaculately presents home features excellent space and transformed a tired apartment into a light, luxurious apartment with the latest in modern technology. Project showcase an apartment with smart technologies equipment implementation which offers a living experience of high tech using the high tech materials and solutions.

Apartment is equipped with all the latest technology, including a sound system, custom lighting and full cabling and home automation system, which is important to future-proof a property. Apartment will be served by an integrated system which controls the audio visual equipment, curtains and blinds, mood lighting and gas fires through the property. It will feature in minimalistic clean style, furnished with artistic peaces of modern art, fitted with modern appliances and home-automation systems.

For the interior design development and apartment presentation our designers used the latest 3d presentations techniques, which are an unavoidable and an efficient way to turn the plan into compelling 3D pictures and virtual space animation with the usage of a glasses.