Semi-detached Courtyard Villas Developments

Semi-detached Courtyard Villas Developments

Architectural development of semi-detached houses go through the same working process as other architectural design and can be broken into the phases.

Development phases are the following: schematic design, design development, detail development and construction documents, bidding, and administration of the construction.

In the schematic design phase the overall characteristics of the building are established. Significant issues are identified, and initial design decisions are made. Significant issues are identified, and initial design decisions are made. During the design development phase the specific character and intent of the entire project are described. Following the approval of the design, details are developed and construction documents are produced. These may be a combination of working drawings and written specifications which serve as a legal description of what is to be built. As the construction documents near completion, they are released for bidding, and a contractor is selected. The final phase of the design process is the one in which the architect administers the construction, interpreting changes and judging performance.

Villas are usually the largest permanent showcase of contemporary architecture that are designed to create a light, spacious and private living environment. Such projects incorporate in-depth studies of local heritage and cultural context, and how to best integrate and reinvigorate the green and private space into residential architecture. It is an architecture featuring human proportions, including superb space with views over the local marshes. With a maximum of two floors, villas are all covered in greenery and have private courtyards and a private garden area, and are three or four bedroom houses, some with covered parking or a private garage.

Reference Project by K&K: Modern Courtyard Villas, Ljubljana

These modern courtyard villas with spacious living ground floor benefit from having a quality and spacious space with their own private gardens.

Villas have white base and aluminium finishes which echo the elegant architecture. Inspired by modernistic architecture, the houses reincarnates the architect’s streamline of minimalism and functionality. The iconic architecture dates back to when a complete modernistic overhaul was made by Mies Van Der Rohe, John Lautner and Courbusier. The interior designed spaces are truly inspired by timeless period in European architecture which celebrated architecture through the connection between interior and exterior space. That makes an ambiance that is both contemporary and timeless.

Architecture offers very light and a spacious, open plan living room, coupled with the rare benefit of two atriums. Villas comprises a spacious living area in ground floor and separated sleeping area in upper floor. The scent of green freshness, spilling out of the atriums, gives a homely, intimate feel. The atriums are the perfect place to enjoy a drink, playing with kids, eating outside or to swimm in a pool. Private atriums also provise a degree of screening, giving local residents more privacy and security than in previous local architecture.

Villas will be finished to the most exacting standards and will incorporate cutting edge finishes throughout, giving prospective owners a comfortable, modern living environment finished with quality new contemporary furnishings. Villas will offer comfortable family accommodation and are set to build nearby next year. They will attract younger generation who wants a higher level quality architecture for affordable price range. Property will be available in third building stage, which will guarantee a unique and a comfortable environment for new buyers.