Smart Space Renovations

Smart Space Renovations

In renovations and other remodelling projects we strive to apply sustainable renovation design strategies along with well thought-out layout to create modern settings.

These settings are not just modern but they are healthy business settings that are good for the environment and comfortable and productive for the people.

In our renovations work portfolio, that includes renovations and remodellings, we seek a more holistic design recognising the interdependence of factors affecting the energy efficiency enhancements, comfort and space functions such as technical equipment, daylight and artificial lighting, natural ventilations, air quality, air temperature, acoustics and well-being of the individuals. As a result of this integrated approach to design and construction, our clients can arrive at the energy efficiencies and comfort in their work environment.

We give property the quality and vision to succeed in a competitive marketplace. In the commercial renovation spectrum of work we provide commercial renovation services. We focus on our clients' needs and their unique project requirements throughout all phases of the commercial projects we manage.

Reference Project by K&K: Conference Room Renovation for Qatar University, Doha 
In partnership with one of the biggest groups in the state of Qatar today, a Design & Build renovation project of conference room was held by a prestigious client – higher administration of Qatar University.

New Conference room layout is showing up the concept of Qatar university symbol of orthogonal and diagonal lines, which gives a form a sense of amphitheater. Shape of the new grandstands follows the ceiling construction and allowing to the raised flooring design to be three times diagonal curved, while maintaining the central orientation. And Qatar university symbol in multiplication creates a decoration element on stained glass paneled wall.

Concept of the new Conference room embodies an existing cross stitching form ceiling construction, which is split to the ceiling cassettes and supported on side of corner pillars. There are two natural light sources providing soft indirect natural light to enter into the space: through the side windows and through the round windows on ceiling. Both sources allow natural light entering as a dimmed zenith source of light.

With cleaning out of all the existing equipment in the conference room, the ceiling construction and supporting pillars are both together coming into the spotlight. Raised grandstands provide better views to people sitting and focusing on the main podium, while lighting underneath the illuminated raised flooring gives a sense of flotation. On both sides of conference room there are acoustic decoration panels, which are patterned by multiplication of Qatar university symbol.

New concept is therefore a modern interpretation of traditional lecture room design accompanied with the acoustically isolated surfaces, providing a perfect space for meetings, video projections and other educational events.